Students Arrested for Tax Fraud in Florida

Fraud is prevalent in all over parts of South Florida. Yes, it does not even spare education department also. Around 14 students have been arrested from Miami Dade College for their involvement in a tax refund scheme, which shed away the Exchequer for $2 million by using bank accounts for financial help to wash off the money. Once hacking the victim’s complete identity and then unlawfully file their tax returns and redirect social security payments.

Parents get their children in colleges and schools to give them a better chance for a bright future. But, they become involved in wrong doings and land them in prison and tarnishing their academic records for the lifetime. Kelly R. Jackson of IRS Criminal Investigation advised students not to involve in such activities just to make a few dollars. People who steal others identities and file fraud, tax returns for getting refunds will be subject to prosecution.

IRS Criminal Investigation is working with the U.S. Attorney’s and law officials to get such criminals to justice. Investigators reported that students were recruited by agencies and companies for obtaining fraudulent tax refunds so that funds can be placed in their bank accounts with the name of social security benefits. In return, students are paid for using their accounts.

George L. Piro of the FBI’s Miami Division stated that identity fraud is acute and expanding criminal activity hampering the lives of thousands of South Floridians every year.

College authorities are working closely with investigators to put an end to the growing trend of using financial accounts to launder money.

Post written by Mark Waugh, who is business income tax consultant in Florida and provides drake professional tax software training program for becoming a tax professional in Florida.


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