Students Arrested for Tax Fraud in Florida

Fraud is prevalent in all over parts of South Florida. Yes, it does not even spare education department also. Around 14 students have been arrested from Miami Dade College for their involvement in a tax refund scheme, which shed away the Exchequer for $2 million by using bank accounts for financial help to wash off the money. Once hacking the victim’s complete identity and then unlawfully file their tax returns and redirect social security payments. Continue reading


Income Tax preparation program in Florida

Tax return and filling is one of the greatest puzzles for businesses and professionals. In fact, Albert Einstein also quoted that the hardest thing is to understand the income tax. So for the beginners, it is advisable to take an income tax preparation program rather than jumping on preparing its return.

Income Tax preparation program in Florida

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IRS Scam and Process of Its Reporting

IRS ScamAre you getting offensive calls from someone alleging that they are the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employee? If yes, then watch on such pranksters asking you to pay taxes otherwise they would take strict legal action against you. Beware of these imposters.

The IRS issued a warning for a scam in which fake officials frighten people for hiding lakh of money and paying zero tax on black money. On some situations, they convey that a refund is in process and ask your biological information so that they can transfer the money. Continue reading